KBM Action Support Gibran As President RI

SOLO, solopopuler.com – Actions to support Gibran Rakabuming Raka to become president were held at Tugu Kebangkitan Nasional, Laweyan, Solo. Including a figure who deserves to run in the 2023 Presidential Election. This support was conveyed by the Chairman of the Keluarga Besar Marhaenis (KBM) Purwono, Senin (18/04/2023) 

“We have made up our minds that Gibran For President from Solo is for Indonesia,” he said.

KBM Support Gibran As Presiden RI on Tugu Kebangkitan Nasional, Laweyan Solo, Senin (18/04/2024). ( FOTO : Agung Santoso)

This Gibran, he called the figure of a consistent and courageous young man. This can be seen from the attitude of President Joko Widodo’s eldest son in the polemic of the 2023 U-20 World Cup in Indonesia. With that being asked to provide alternative solutions, so that Gibran can move forward in the nomination.

“At least this can provide a clear color, representing the younger generation in the upcoming 2024 election,” he said.

Regarding the age requirement as a presidential candidate, namely at least 40 years, he asked for a review. Because the Mayor of Solo is not old enough. According to him, young people should not be seen by their age, but their commitment and achievements.

“He is capable. If given the opportunity, he can do it,” he explained.

In the declaration, Purwono said the number of voters in the General Election Commission (KPU) was around 107 million young voters. Or by 54 percent, where the age of voters is 17-40 years old.

“Currently, Gibran deserves to be offered to generation Z and millennials. As well as the Indonesian people in general to lead this country,” he said. (Agung Santoso)

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