Maximum Target of Six Para Archery Athletes to Win Tickets for Two Events to APG Hangzhou

SOLO, – The maximum target is prepared by six athletes from the Indonesian National Paralympic Committee (NPC) in the Para Archery sport. He took part in two events including the 2023 Hangzhou Para Games and the 2024 Paris Paralympics ticket fight. This was conveyed by one of the NPC Indonesia Para-Archery trainers, Idya Putra Harjianto.

“They took part in the Training Center consisting of three sons and three daughters starting in November 2022,” he stated.

This training center on Balai Besar Rehabilitasi Sosial Penyandang Disabilitas Fisik (BBRSPDF) Prof. Dr. Soeharso Solo. Two athletes male the recurve class, namely is Kholidin and Setiawan. Furthermore, two female recurve class athletes is Mahda Aulia and Wahyu Retno Wulandari.

Six Para Archery Athletes Indonesia ( Istimewa)

“One male compound athlete, Ken Swagumilang, and one female compound athlete, Irma Yunit,” he explained, Thursday

Close to the pre-competition stage for tickets to the Paris 2024 Paralympics in Pilsen, Czech Republic. For this preparation by holding a test match simulation. In this respect that resembles an international match.

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“And aims to improve the mentality and technique of the athletes in competition” he said.

The fight for this ticket is in accordance with the provisions of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) / IPC Handbook 2023. This is to get tickets for the Paris 2024 Paralympics. There are two competitions that the Indonesian team must participate in.

“The first World Para Archery Championship (WPAC) Pilsen, Czech Republic on 15 July – 24 July 2023. The target is two tickets,” he explained.

The second is an Asian level championship, the Asian Para-Archery Championship 17-28 November 2023 Bangkok, Thailand. With the target of adding ticket coffers. He said the target to get tickets to the 2024 Paris Paralympics was still wide open.

“Because the strength of the country that follows is unknown,” he said.

On the other hand, the Manager of the Indonesian Para-Archery Team, Indriyani, said that there was a multi-event in the middle of the world and Asian championships. He mentioned the Asian Para Games in Hangzhou, China with a target of 1 gold medal and 1 silver medal. This championship will be held on 22-26 October 2023 after being postponed in 2022 due to pandemic reasons. ( Agung Santoso)

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